In The News This Week…February 5

Loyal Employees are Assets – Not Liabilities!

by Bridgette Hyacinth

“Loyal employees are a major asset for a strong business. When a company loses a great employee it causes the other employees to have reason to start thinking, ‘Why would that person leave the organization, and why would the organization let them get away? Perhaps I should start looking elsewhere myself.'”

How Do You Get Your Customers to Advocate for You?

by Sona Jepsen

“Prospective customers want to hear the experiences of real people. Brands that harness the voices of customers to drive marketing messaging are better equipped to gain prospects’ trust and engage them in sales conversations.”

Eight Tips To Help Your Employees Thrive Day To Day

by Young Entrepreneur Council

“Providing team members with the freedom and autonomy to do their jobs well is a great way to bring out the best in your people. When you decide not to micromanage, you’re sending the message that you believe in their abilities, trust their judgment and are assured of the quality of their work.”

4 Habits of People Who Are Always Learning New Skills

by Mike Kehoe

“Focus on emerging skills. With so many learning options available these days, people are often tempted to simply go to Google, type in some general search terms, and start one of the first courses that pops up. That’s a waste of time.”

6 Simple Steps to Start Believing in Yourself (They’ll Make You a Better Leader)

by Mareo McCracken

“Every successful business leader has a strong sense of self-belief. It’s a precursor to success, no matter how you decide to define it–it’s the foundation of confidence–but let’s try to define it, anyway. Here’s my definition: Belief is the full acceptance and trust in something–self-belief is when you trust yourself.”