In The News This Week…January 15

Is Anyone In Your Company Paying Attention to Strategic Alignment?

by Johnathan Trevor

“The best performing companies are often the best aligned. But who in your company is paying attention to how well aligned your strategy is with your organization’s purpose and capabilities?”

Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On?

by Daniel Goleman and Richard E. Boyatzis

“Even people with many apparent leadership strengths can stand to better understand those areas of EI where we have room to grow. Don’t shortchange your development as a leader by assuming that EI is all about being sweet and chipper, or that your EI is perfect if you are — or, even worse, assume that EI can’t help you excel in your career.”

7 Powerful Ways to Make Decisions with Confidence

by Lolly Daskal

“The path of our lives is determined largely by the choices we make and the decisions that you take, make sure yours are confident and clear.”

9 Reliable Ways to Cultivate Creative Thinking

by John Rampton

“The benefits of creative thinking are enumerable. Having this skillset will enable you to tackle problems with unique perspectives, come up with special ideas and, overall, be a more effective performer.”

Be a Better Leader in 2018 by Doing These 3 Things

by Johnathan Long

“Take a look at some of the most successful leaders of large brands — the Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos — and you will notice one similarity: They lead and inspire through their influence. It’s not necessarily what you do or what you say that makes your employees and team members respect you and trust your vision — it’s who you are.”