In The News This Week…January 29

10 Ways Self-Awareness Can Make You a Horrible Boss

by John Rampton

“self-awareness comes at a cost. The more we know, the harder life can be. Greater self-awareness can lead you to realize things about yourself that you are not thrilled to find out. It can also take attention away from tasks that might be more immediately valuable. In work, these negative externalities of self-awareness can easily express themselves.”

How to Deal with a Passive-Aggressive Boss

by Ron Carucci

“There are many different types of passive-aggressive behavior. Some managers may limit access to needed information or be excessively controlling. Others may pit employees against one another, give you the cold shoulder when you disappoint them, or be chronically indecisive. Reporting to such a leader can take a costly toll on you both on and off the job. But your boss’s limitations shouldn’t completely dictate the degree to which you are able to contribute and thrive in your job.”

Everybody Is A Change Agent

by Carsten Tams

“…the key to organizational change and innovation at scale lies in tapping into employees’ combined capabilities.”


How to Turn a Conflict With Your Co-Worker Into a Calm Conversation

by Deborah Grayson Rigel

“Disagreements can lead to diversity of thinking, improvements in products and services, and greater productivity. Disagreements can also lead to better working relationships, but only if everyone involved fights fair.”

How Entrepreneurs Can Learn To Stay Positive, No Matter What

“Develop a strong sense of self-awareness. A strong sense of self-awareness is a vital trait that every member of the team needs to develop and nurture.”