• We help business leaders manage the life cycle of human capital.

    Discover top talent, align your organization and manage compliance.

  • There’s a war on talent.

    We have the expertise to help you win it.

  • Achieve your goals by aligning your people to your plan.

    Let us help you take the first step.

  • Your business is built around your expertise.

    We’ve got a hunch that expertise isn’t managing human capital.

Achieve your goals by hiring the right talent and aligning people to your plan. Let us help you take the first step.

Our Services

Why We’re Different

We understand the DNA of people who build successful businesses.

We aren’t scared of big visions, grand plans, fast pace, changing directions, intense questions, critical thinking, or risky decisions. In fact, our favorite people to work with are business owners who have a desire to build an organization that will thrive.

We leverage technology and data analytics to create measures.

We use industry-leading assessment tools to evaluate position match, performance, roles, interviews and more. Uniquely applying the results to YOUR business, culture and goals is key. We create metrics so you can always measure your benchmarks of success.

Our advisors and our other colleagues truly function as an extension of your team.

We value face-to-face discussions as often as possible. And we stand by you (literally) and coach you as you implement the practices we’ve helped you create.

Case Studies


“They always maintain a professional demeanor, but they are always warm, and are very caring. It’s obvious that they want to do a good job for you.”

CEO of Crown Plastics

“Partnering with Pinnacle is like having the support and resources of a full blown HR department. I can provide them with just the basics of an issue and I’m done with it.”

CEO of Neyer Management

“I hired Pinnacle to manage our company’s HR function and their team quickly became a vital extension of our staff. Through our association with Pinnacle, we gained a strategic partner who played a key role in our organization’s development and our overall success.”

Bill Barkalow, Founder & Former President/CEO of Stonehouse Building Products

“Pinnacle has been a real friend to our company and an invaluable resource to our leadership team and employees alike.”

President Knovation, INC.