In The New This Week…July 2

10 Steps Leaders Can Take to Create a Culture of Candor

by John Stoker

“Organizational leaders have long recognized that honesty, openness, and candor from employees can pay huge dividends in making improvements, serving customers, creating more innovative solutions, and expediting organizational learning, flexibility, and execution. The challenge is getting your employees to be more open with their ideas and feedback. Your efforts to inspire openness from the troops may seem small, but over time your efforts will deliver much-needed changes to improve results.”


Be Kind, Rewind: How Attitude Can Make Or Break Success

by Lucas Pols

“We retain a memory longer when there is an emotional response associated with it. I still remember the kid that borrowed 10 bucks from me during freshman year of high school and never repaid it. So, if my first interaction with you is negative in any way, you can bet I will remember.”


Happy 4th of July!


To Retain New Hires, Make Sure You Meet with Them in Their First Week

by Dawn Klinghoffer, Candice Young and Xue Liu

“First impressions in the workplace really matter — and not just to the employer. New employees can begin to formulate impressions about organizations from the get-go, influencing their decision to stay with the company in the long term. Poor onboarding experiences can lead to unnecessary and preventable turnover, the cost of which can be as much as twice the employee’s annual salary.”


4 Emotional Intelligent Skills That are Overrated

by Anisa Purbasari Horton

“Having high-self-esteem used to be all the rage. The problem is, sometimes too much self-esteem can inflate your ego, and it becomes harder for you to come to terms with how others really see you–particularly when it comes to your flaws and not-so-flattering parts…”