In The News This Week…June 11

These 5 Mindful Habits Will Keep You From Burning Out

by Blake Snow

“Humans are easily distracted. Smartphones, gossip, social media, substance abuse, endless email, mindless web browsing, too much TV, video games, unnecessary meetings, bargain hunting. When done in excess, these activities zap you of energy, productivity, a willingness to serve and ultimately, fulfillment.”


Ushering In The New Generation: 15 Ways To Attract Quality Millennial Talent

by YEC

“Hiring millennials, in particular, is touted to be even more difficult, as members of this generation are rumored to be flimsy and less interested in holding down a job long term.Whether that’s actually true or not, the fact is that millennials can bring youthful enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the job, making them a valuable addition to your team. So how can you make sure to attract the best millennial talent to help your business grow?”


The #1 Thing Employees Want Their Bosses to Improve Immediately

by Maria Gamb

“Communicating well with the others in the organization is a key component to bringing everyone along on the same journey. Silence may be golden, but clarity is king. Employees want more and better communications from their leadership teams. Creating engagement to form relationships creates an inclusive culture.”


How Leading With Intention Drives Motivated Employees

by William Craig

“Intention is the engine that drives motivated employees, and leaders must remain aware of the intentions they carry into the office with their thoughts, actions and responses. Your mission statement establishes the framework for why everyone is doing their job, but intention is the meaningful fuel behind showing up and actualizing the mission. It deepens employee understanding of how they fit within a company and its aims.”


4 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Successful Employees

by Sherrie Campbell

“People stay where they feel valued and where they can witness the fruits of their labor making a meaningful and measurable difference. “