In The News This Week…May 14

10 Ways to Enjoy Life Without Sacrificing Your Productivity

by John Rampton

“The inner dialogue that tries to balance productivity and fun can be frustrating for every entrepreneur. When you spend lots of hours at the office and absorb constant stress, time for yourself isn’t easy to come by. It can feel like the only way to have more fun is by sacrificing work, and the only way to do better at work is to sacrifice fun. No matter how trapped you might feel, however, there are steps you can take to enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are 10 ways you can enjoy life — and reduce stress — without worrying about productivity sacrifices.”


4 Ways To Foster A Culture Of Respect & Accountability

by Aileron

“Another way respect and accountability collide: when a team member shares a way to make a role, area, or process more efficient, and that idea is implemented—that person is recognized and celebrated.”


Why Great Employees Leave “Great Cultures”

by Melissa Daimler

“…there are three elements to a culture: behaviors, systems, and practices, all guided by an overarching set of values. A great culture is what you get when all three of these are aligned, and line up with the organization’s espoused values. When gaps start to appear, that’s when you start to see problems — and see great employees leave.”


5 Job Interview Questions That Reveal What a Candidate Has Really Accomplished

by Jeff Haden

“Some job interviewers (including CEOs) take a fairly unusual approach to interview questions, and most job interviews involve the most common questions and answers. Yet most job interviews also include at least a few questions designed to reveal not just what a candidate thinks, but what he or she has actually done: Goals achieved, skills attained, situations encountered, actions taken. ”


Why Performance Reviews Are Way More Important Than You Think

by Quora

“The reason employees fear reviews so much is because their company doesn’t have a good system for offering feedback. Good feedback eliminates surprises. No one should be shocked when they sit down for their yearly review. If they are, that means there’s a problem with the system of feedback in your company. If you want your team to know where they stand–what they do well and where they can improve–then you have to develop a process for delivering real-time, continuous feedback.”