In The News This Week…May 7

4 Leadership Methods for Empowering Employees and Building Strong Teams

by Mike Kappel

“Sure, you might manage employees at your business. But, there’s a big difference between managing and leading your staff. Effectively leading your team can increase employee engagement and innovation, drive sales, decrease employee turnover, and boost your business bottom line.”


Five Ways To Build A Company Culture That Attracts And Retains Millennials

by Merrick Porcheddu

“With 51% of millennials being open to the possibility of another job opportunity, and with 38% of millennials expecting to leave their current employers for such opportunities within two years, it’s important that employers learn how to build company cultures that attract and retain millennials. If we neglect the future generation and continue to keep doing business as usual, turnover in millennial employment may cost the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually, per a Gallup estimate.”


Research Shows a Simple Way to Increase Your Engagement at Work

by Michael Parke and Justin Weinhardt

“…when it comes to enhancing employees’ engagement (i.e., energy, enthusiasm, and focus), much of the popular narrative has focused on organizational factors such as job design, leadership, or culture. But these factors are often outside of an employee’s control. As a result, beyond trying to find the right fit professionally, the overall picture seems to suggest that employees are at the mercy of their organizations and bosses when it comes to how engaged they will be at work.”


5 Unique Ways To Create a Culture of Continuous Learning

by Marissa Levin

“There are many other ways to educate employees on a creative, shoestring budget that will cultivate a culture of continuous learning without stressing an employee’s schedule or the company finances. A mindset of personal and professional development will help to position a company as a leader in its field and attract & retain the very best talent.”


Four Ways To Blow A Job Interview In Less Than Five Minutes

by Liz Ryan

“You must always make a test drive, test bicycle, train or bus ride or test walk to the interview location before the day of the interview, so you know exactly where the building is, where to get off the bus or train, where to park your bicycle or car and where the front entrance is. Preparation is everything — for your body’s sake!”