In The News This Week…March 5

Develop Your Hiring System Like a Product to Eliminate Bias and Boost Retention

by Jeff Lu and Jean Hsu

“I’d rather hire someone who knows less but demonstrates a strong learning curve and a growth mindset.”

How The Most Innovative Companies Will Reap The Benefits Of Ageism

by Peggy Yu

“It becomes less about reading someone’s experience in chronological order and noticing gaps in the resume or the number of pages in the CV, and more about finding pockets of experience and skills that will amplify the performance of a team.”

Ten Management Mistakes That Will Kill Your Team’s Motivation

by Liz Ryan

“Get back in touch with each of your team members, one on one. Get back into the stream of information that is swirling all around you. Listen to your employees.”

6 Things Every Woman Needs to Succeed in Work and Life

by Marissa Levin

“Honor Your Human Limitations.  Balance is a myth. It’s not possible to co-prioritize all aspects of your life. One thing will always take precedence over another. There will be days, months, or perhaps even years that family obligations will supersede professional aspirations and obligations. Life throws us curveballs that can derail our plans. Accepting the unexpected with as much grace as possible allows us to lean into our reality and adjust our expectations. Permit yourself to “lean out” and pass up opportunities if they come at the expense of your happiness or sanity.”

What To Do When Your Dream Company Has No Open Roles

by Molly Beck

“What is the best way to network with a dream company that doesn’t currently have any open jobs I’m qualified for listed on their careers page? – mid-level marketing professional currently searching for their next opportunity. If you want to start working for a specific company but it doesn’t look like they are currently hiring for your role, it’s time to make friends with the hiring manager so you can be top of mind for a role when it does become available.”