Business cards don’t tell the whole story.

Since 2000, we have developed the expertise in handling people strategies across industries. We specialize in aligning people and positions to your strategic plan so that your company thrives.

With Pinnacle you get a team of specialists in the areas of talent acquisition, organizational development and compliance. We are trusted advisors, an extension of your team–the people you can call to provide expert guidance and celebrate your successes.

You didn’t start your business to get distracted with people issues. We can free you up to focus on your business while we work with your team to find the best talent and develop your organization into a high-performance team. Every person and every department in your company should be driving your business toward the same goal. When that happens, your people understand their purpose and connect with what they’re doing. They start going above and beyond. And you have the capacity to make better decisions, find better talent, retain your best people and overcome challenges quickly.